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A New Era of

Building a completely distributed and secure means of sharing and storing data using IPFS and blockchain technology.

Your data and its security are paramount

KnoxFS is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency with a focus on decentralized data storage, distribution, privacy, and security. It aims to provide innovative, secure, and private storage applications to the non-blockchain and cryptocurrency-based world for both consumers and companies around the globe. KnoxFS utilizes existing third-party open-source storage networks, which enables scalability, flexibility, and redundancy. The project was funded in late 2017 and was named Aegeus. The initial goal was to develop a decentralized storage network based on IPFS technology. Aegeus rebranded to KnoxFS in 2020 and made a pivot later that year. A new team and leadership switched focus to create storage applications for third-party networks. This change of strategy enabled KnoxFS to speed up development and shorten the time to market, while at the same time expanding the potential user base and actively pursue strategic partnerships. Our long-term goal of KnoxFS is to offer a range of applications ('products') that are commercially viable, all centered around decentralized storage with a broad user base. Additionally, the self-developed software solutions will have the KFX currency as a payment option and therefore drive demand for the coin.

Powerful and proven encryption methods

With upcoming decentralized storage, knoxfs priority is data security- on both a personal and corporate level. We're using the highest standard with efficiency in mind to cover this area of operations.

KnoxFS offers a few options for participation

You can use all the storage resources on multiple networks, without having to own all these different coins as payment now.

A decentralized solution and distributed network

Other like-minded individuals who value their data's security and the ability to share at their discretion exist! We're not building out a corporate network or a centralized solution that can be disrupted and destroyed at any given point in time.

Earn KFX passively by supporting the network

You can stake your KFX to earn more coins, or run a masternode to earn even more passive income and support the network.

Distributed networks are the future for a reason

Relying on the old infrastructures that are housed, owned and operated by single entitities was never the true vision of the internet. Nodes all communicating with one another and sharing information was. Using centralized services or providers to store or transmit your data opens you up to massive vulnerabilities.

Keep your data secure with various options

In the KnoxFS client you'll be presented with different methods and permissions for sharing and encrypting your data. We're offering powerful tools in an easy-to-use client to be as fault-tolerant and as least error-prone as possible to serve your needs best.

KnoxFS Coin Specification

Coin Ticker


Default RPC


Default P2P


Coinbase Maturity

60 confirmations

Block Time

2 minutes

Block Reward

0.45 KFX

Minimum Stake Age

12 Hours

Masternode Collateral

1,000 KFX

Knox Features

The unique feature of KnoxFS products is that they will offer people the possibility to use storage resources on multiple networks, without having to own all these different coins as payment.

blockchain technology

The best description for KnoxFS is a software developer supported by blockchain technology. We develop software applications during the crypto trend utilizing a cryptocurrency. Our core business is developing software solutions based on decentralized storage. There is a growing demand for secure ways to store private data without having to trust this data in the hands of big tech corporations (centralized). It is KnoxFS’s ambition to offer a broad range of different decentralized storage solutions to various customers. The essential difference between the KnoxFS storage app and well-known apps such as Dropbox is that files will be stored on decentralized third-party storage networks. Completely safe, secure, and private!

The premium version will have KFX as a primary currency for payment. If additional payment options will be made possible (most likely Bitcoin and fiat), then users that y with KFX will be discounted. By giving an incentive to pay with KFX, we want to promote KFX and drive demand for our native coin. One of the premium features that will be included in the first version, is the ability to store metadata on the KFX blockchain. The metadata can describe the characteristics of a certain file that is stored in the application. A user can, for instance, add his/her name, file type (public/protected), target network (Sia, Storj, File), recipient, date stamp, or other information to the upload. Because this data will then be stored on the blockchain, it will always be verifiable via the blockchain explorer and could work as a ‘proof of storage’. This could be interesting for legal reasons or to ‘certify’ a file upload because the added metadata can be permanently stored on the KnoxFS blockchain and will never be editable again.

KnoxFS technology will be based on a decentralized storage system (DSS). As in so many areas, blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally disrupt this entire storage industry by relying on new paradigms. In recent years, many projects around these new ways of storing documents have been developed but as of today, none of these solutions offer easy access usable by users without technical knowledge. KnoxFS will therefore rely on a hybrid distributed technology based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network while remaining agnostic to the underlying storage infrastructures (DSBS). This non-dependence on a single backend solution will be ensured by the KPD component which must be modular enough to interface via plugins to the various suppliers (PSI and SSD).

A Supernode is different from a regular Masternode, as described in the chapter ‘Masternodes and staking’. A Supernode contains all the operating components of the product (a database, web server, storage access components, local storage, APIs, etc). The more Supernodes there are, the more decentralized the solution will be. A Masternode on the other hand only executes the KFX blockchain.

Project Roadmap

At KnoxFS, we want to be fully transparent on what we are working on and how we are progressing. On Discord, we report frequently on accomplishments, technical milestones, and project updates. We understand that roadmaps are dynamic. For this reason, we maintain an online project dashboard on Trello to show the public an actual overview on where we stand with the project. Additionally, we push commits on Github to our Discord server, so that community members can follow progress on technical development.

Need help?

Our support team can field any questions from the most basic to the most advanced and are happy to help.

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