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Building a completely distributed and secure means of sharing and storing data using IPFS and blockchain technology.

Your data and its security are paramount

Society as we know it is transmitting personal and intimate data more than ever before. The fear of whose eyes aside from our own or those intended could end up viewing that information is a constant concern. We are in need of a more secure and reliable solution for data sharing and storage. KnoxFS is building out a decentralized solution using blockchain technology and distributed file sharing with incentives to ensure always-on and on-demand data availability.

Powerful and proven encryption methods

Using proper encryption algorithms and techniques are crucial in any operation where data security is a consideration - on both a personal and corporate level. We're using the highest standard with efficiency in mind to cover this area of operations.

KnoxFS offers a few options for participation

You can act as a storage host even if you're not using the network for your own data sharing and storage needs. Enjoy the ability of setting your own storage rental rates and earn passive income by providing reliable network services to anyone needing to use KnoxFS.

A peer-powered solution and distributed network

Other like-minded individuals who value their data's security and the ability to share at their discretion exist! We're not building out a corporate network or a centralized solution that can be disrupted and destroyed at any given point in time.

Earn KFX passively by supporting the network

You can provide storage space and be rewarded for it by configuring your KnoxFS storage node in your KFX wallet. The amount of space, cost for the storage and how much of a commitment can be defined from within your KFX wallet.

Distributed networks are the future for a reason

Relying on the old infrastructures that are housed, owned and operated by single entitities was never the true vision of the internet. Nodes all communicating with one another and sharing information was. Using centralized services or providers to store or transmit your data opens you up to massive vulnerabilities.

Keep your data secure with various options

In the KnoxFS client you'll be presented with different methods and permissions for sharing and encrypting your data. We're offering powerful tools in an easy-to-use client to be as fault-tolerant and as least error-prone as possible to serve your needs best.

KnoxFS Coin Specification

Coin Ticker


Default RPC


Default P2P


Coinbase Maturity

60 confirmations

Block Time

2 minutes

Block Reward

0.45 KFX

Minimum Stake Age

12 Hours

Masternode Collateral

1,000 KFX

Knox Features

Learn about what makes Knox coin different

PoS 3.0

Knox is one of the first proof of stake cryptocurrencies to be based on the *0.10 version 0.10 or higher Bitcoin codebase. This PoS structure does away with coin age. To enable you to make the most of your staking, you must keep your Knox wallet open at all times. Having your wallet online at all times will result in more available nodes, thus strengthening the network. With a stronger network, rewards will be distributed fairly across the network and will be removed for inconsistent network users.

Knox offers SwiftX transactions that are confirmed and spendable within seconds, guaranteed by the network of masternodes. There is no need to wait for multiple confirmations in order to be confident in the validity of the transaction. SwiftX not only delivers lightning transactions but also peace of mind to both sender and recipient. SwiftX is highly sought after in established currencies due to their close backing with the masternode network which makes it more stable and consistent for network users.

Knox Masternodes are incentivized nodes that receive rewards based on their availability and their ability to offer network services in a decentralized and trust-less manner. KnoxFS offers 3 tiers of Masternodes to accommodate investors. 30,000/50,000/70,000 KFX collateral is required in setting up a Knox masternode. Masternode owners are also afforded the ability to vote on budget and developmental proposals. Masternode owners make up the backbone of the Knox network. Block reward structure for KnoxFS is 40 KFX per block, with 36 being split among the 3 tiers of masternodes, and 4 KFX for staking.

Knox is creating a private storage network using a custom fork of IPFS. This will enable data availability while at the same time reward those who are running storage nodes considerably for their reliability. Knox will take user-provided data, encrypt it with the intended party's key and securely push it onto the storage network using reference locations. Data can be text, image or video based. Sending and storing data this way becomes cheaper, more efficient and highly secure.

Distributing highly sensitive data through centralised means can be very risky. Harnessing the power of P2P, and highly secure Knox custom algorithms alleviates this concern. If you or a company wishes to send large amounts of sensitive data to users, not only will you save on costs but you'll also ensure peace of mind via secure delivery and efficiency. User control is of vital importance in today's data world. Knox gives data control and ownership back to the user.

Knox will utilize IPFS to securely share data with access only granted to the intended party. IPFS or Interplanetary File System, is a distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. Rather than referring to pictures, articles and video objects via their server location, IPFS refers to everything using the hash on the file. So if you want something, IPFS will ask the entire network for a particular file relating to a specific hash.

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